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Orders are now open to watch Jon Jones vs Dominick Reyes in UFC 247 this Saturday

UFC 247 - watch Jon Jones vs Dominic Reyes
(Image credit: ESPN)

The giant of the UFC world Jon Jones is back to defend his Light Heavyweight championship belt against the undefeated Dominick Reyes. But can Jones play fair? Will Reyes remain undefeated? With ESPN+ already going live with its PPV sales, it won't be long until we find out.

And when we ask the ominous question of whether Jon 'the Bones' Jones will be able to play fair, we really meant it. He has one of the greatest legacies in the UFC, currently sitting comfy at a 25-1 win loss ratio but that isn't an untarnished history.

Eye pokes, elbows to the head and illegal moves galore. In fact, his history of dirty moves is so notorious, Dominick Reyes has already stated pre-fight that he will be keeping an eye out for eye pokes from Jones. Pair that with Jones' failed drug tests and he sits alongside McGregor in terms of controversy.

Debatable history or not, Jones is a feared fighter, losing just once through disqualification, he is practically undefeated as well. So what happens when two undefeated, light heavyweight fighters go at each other? It's going to be a major brawl.

So will Dominick 'the devastator' kick Jones into his first official loss? Or will Jones continue his impressive streak? Read on to discover how to order the ESPN+'s UFC PPV now and get yourself a UFC 247 live stream.

How to watch UFC online in the US exclusively on ESPN

Currently, ESPN+ has the exclusive rights to show every single UFC event in the US which means it will be your one and only place to catch the UFC 247.

How much that costs depends on whether or not you already subscribe to the service. If you don't, then the best way to go is with a UFC Bundle, costing you $84.98. That won't just buy you the UFC 247 PPV, but you’ll get a year-long subscription to ESPN+ (that would normally cost $50 alone).

For those that already have an ESPN+ subscription (or aren't bothered about the annual sub), you can still buy access to just the PPV UFC 247 for $64.99

And don't worry if you want to grab the PPV but are going to be outside the US when it's on. Just scroll down the page a little to discover how to use a VPN to watch a UFC 247 live stream from abroad.

Live stream UFC 247 from anywhere in the world

Worry not if you're a huge UFC fan but aren't in the US to watch that ESPN+ coverage this weekend. If you've got your subscription sorted but then find the coverage is geo-blocked, you can try using a VPN to change your IP address to a US server and watch Jones and Reyes go at each other as if you were back at home.

Virtual Private Networks are also handy if you're concerned about streaming safely on the web, thanks to the encryption they use to hide your details. And the best won't log your personal information, either. We've tested hundreds of VPNs and can recommend ExpressVPN as the best US VPN option currently available.

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