Ofcom survey reveals most complained-about broadband providers

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Industry regulator Ofcom has revealed the most complained-about broadband providers in the UK between October and December 2022.

Overall, their complaints data has shown that Shell Energy has continued to be the country’s most complained-about landline and broadband provider. Sadly, the company also attracted more complaints about its service than in the previous quarter (July to September 2022). Customer complaints were mainly about faults, service and getting services installed.

By contrast, Sky continued to generate the fewest broadband complaints. Added to this, the company was also the least complained-about landline provider in the country (along with EE).

What does Ofcom’s data show?

So, we know that Sky generates the fewest complaints and Shell Energy generates the most, but how do all the major internet service providers stack up? 

Here’s how many complaints each of the major broadband providers received, per 100,000 customers, between October and December 2022:

  • Sky – 5
  • EE – 7
  • Plusnet – 10
  • NOW Broadband – 10
  • BT – 10
  • Virgin Media – 14
  • TalkTalk – 18
  • Vodafone – 19
  • Shell Energy – 27

On average, internet service providers in the UK receive 11 complaints per 100,000 customers.

The top three drivers of broadband-related complaints were revealed to be:

  • Faults, servicing and provisioning – 44%
  • Complaints handling – 27%
  • Billing, pricing and charging – 16%

In their report on the findings, Ofcom stated:

"[We] remain concerned about Shell Energy’s persistently high complaint volumes. We have been engaging closely with the provider on its plans to improve its customer service, and expect to see results of this in the coming months."

Overall, the regulator added that the number of complaints they received relating to broadband services had increased slightly when compared year-on-year.

Can I switch my broadband provider if I don’t like the service they’re offering?

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