O2 launches unlimited data plans on its mobile deals ahead of 5G roll out

o2 mobile phone deals
(Image credit: O2)

Following EE and Vodafone’s recent launch of unlimited data plans (and Three which has been offering unlimited data for years), O2 has now rolled out unlimited data plans of its own.

These start from £33 per month on an 18-month SIM-only plan, or can be had for £35 per month on a 12-month SIM plan and with variable pricing alongside select handsets.

That includes 5G phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G. Notably O2’s actual 5G network doesn’t launch until October and it’s only offering 4G plans for now, but if you pick up a 5G phone you’ll be able to switch to a 5G plan at launch, and O2 has confirmed that these will also be offered with unlimited data.

Perfect for 5G

That’s good, because while unlimited data could benefit anyone it’s sure to be extra useful on 5G, with all that speed making it viable to download much bigger apps, games and videos – just as long as you’ve got the data for it.

Unlimited data on O2 is also available as part of its Family Plan, along with O2 Open and O2 Student plans, potentially letting you save some money.

That’s good too, because O2’s starting prices for unlimited data don’t look super competitive. Vodafone for example offers unlimited data on 5G for £30 per month on an 18-month SIM-only plan, while on Three you can get unlimited data for £20 per month on a 12-month plan.

O2 is competitive with EE at least, which offers unlimited data from £34 per month, but EE also has a live 5G network, which O2 doesn’t yet. Still, offering unlimited data at all is a big step in the right direction.

James Rogerson

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