New Samsung Galaxy S22 dummy leak shows us all three phones together

Samsung Galaxy S21 series
The Samsung Galaxy S21 series including S21 Ultra, S21 Plus and S21 (Image credit: Samsung)

Leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S22 are now coming thick and fast, and the latest shows us dummy units of all three devices, so it also gives us an idea of how these phones will likely compare.

The below images are of dummy units supplied by UK accessory retailer Mobile Fun to GSMArena.

Each shows a very similar design to what we're expecting based on other leaks, with the Galaxy S22 sporting a 6.06-inch display, the Galaxy S22 Plus featuring a 6.55-inch display, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra having a 6.8-inch screen.

There's no guarantee this will be the exact design of the upcoming smartphones, but it's thought these dummy devices are being used by case manufacturers to design the right shapes for third-party protection.

As seen in previous leaks, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a vastly different design to the Galaxy S21 Ultra and its other Galaxy S22 counterparts. It has less rounded corners and a space for an S Pen, with a look that shares more with the Galaxy Note 20 series.

You can see in the next image of the dummy units that the design is set to change a lot from the Galaxy S21 Ultra (on the right). The S22 Ultra (on the left) looks larger, and the lack of rounded corners may make this device a touch more difficult to hold.

Samsung Galaxy S22 leaked images

(Image credit: Mobile Fun / GSMArena)

Mobile Fun has also listed the S Pen accessory for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It comes in four colors, according to the retailer, which are Black, White, Green and Dark Red.

Yesterday we also saw a leaked poster for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that showed a black S Pen that had a red tip to match the color of the handset itself.

Opinion: Could we lose what made the S21 Ultra great?

Samsung Galaxy Note fans are likely rejoicing at the fact their favorite handsets are returning just with an all-new name. I'm instead a touch worried that we're set to lose what made the Galaxy S21 Ultra great.

The design of the Galaxy Note series was unique. Its large and frankly brash design sometimes made it difficult to hold. Those who like Galaxy Note phones and the S Pen experience mostly enjoyed that design, but the Galaxy S21 Ultra found a middle ground between that and the traditionally easier to hold S series.

With the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung brought a lot of features that made the Galaxy Note series great into a more palatable form factor for the average person.

Switching back to a more Note-like look may mean we lose some of the elements that made the Galaxy S21 Ultra stand out and ultimately take the top spot in TechRadar's best smartphones of 2021.

I'll reserve full judgement until I get to try this phone out for myself, but right now I'm a touch nervous we'll be losing what made one of the best smartphone surprises of 2021 unique.

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