New limited edition Nokia Steel watches now come in rose gold and full black

Earlier this year, Nokia confirmed its purchase of the fitness health tech brand Withings and made swift work of rebranding its products with the Finnish company's name.

The company has now launched two new color versions of the Nokia Steel, one with a rose gold design and another in what it's calling full black.

The rose gold version comes with a grey wristband while the black version comes with - you guessed it - a black strap, or you can buy extra leather bands to go with it.

Just new looks

There are no new features on these new limited edition watches, instead it's just a different body and strap colors than the ones that are already on sale.

Each version of the Nokia Steel costs $129.95 (£119.95, about AU$200) unless you want the rose gold edition that costs a bit extra at $149.95 (£139.95, about AU$240).

You can still purchase the white or black versions of the Nokia Steel too, but you can't currently buy the Nokia Steel HR that comes with heart rate tracking tech built in too.

If you want to wait for the Steel HR, you can sign up for stock updates on the official Nokia website but there doesn't currently seem to be a plan to offer rose gold or full black versions of that watch.

Via Phone Arena

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