New Galaxy S21 FE comes with $100 credit plus free Galaxy Buds Live at Samsung

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To mark the launch of the brand-new Galaxy S21 FE smartphone, Samsung is offering a host of freebies for early adopters - a free pair of Galaxy Buds Live, $100 store credit, or the chance to bundle in a pair of Galaxy Buds Pro for just $30.

Retailing for $699 upfront (opens in new tab) at the official site, both carrier and unlocked devices are available with these particular freebies. Note, all are up for grabs right now but you can only select one - so choose wisely.

Out of the three Galaxy S21 FE deals available, we'd personally go for the $30 Galaxy Buds Pro. While a little pricier than the Buds Live, they're a real step up when it comes to noise cancellation and the overall sound quality is also much stronger.

Regardless of which free gift you can go for, you can also opt to hand over your old device via the official Samsung trade-in program for an additional instant saving of up to $375. It's a great option to be honest, not only does it bundle onto your freebies for additional value, but you'll get your discount upfront, unlike most trade-in discounts at the major carriers.

Free Galaxy S21 FE gifts at Samsung 

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: free Galaxy Buds Live, $30 Buds Pro, or $100 store credit at Samsung (opens in new tab)

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: free Galaxy Buds Live, $30 Buds Pro, or $100 store credit at Samsung (opens in new tab)
You'll get the choice of three deals with this week's Galaxy S21 FE launch offer at Samsung. Either bag yourself a free pair of Galaxy Buds Live, score $100 of store credit on the house (great for accessories), or bundle in a pair of premium Galaxy Buds Pro for just $30. Either is a fine choice, and you can also opt to trade-in for an additional upfront saving of up to $350, available on both carrier and unlocked devices.

The Galaxy S21 FE is a good choice if you're on the hunt for a powerful yet reasonably priced flagship. At 6.4-inches, it's a nice middle ground between the 6.1-inch S21 and the 6.7-inch S21 Plus, all while being cheaper than both (at full RRP). It does have a plastic chassis (Samsung had to make a few cuts, after all), but inside it's still rocking that powerful Snapdragon 888 processor. Its cameras are also nearly identical to the standard S21 range, making it a decent snapper too.

If you'd like to read more about this device, head on over to our main Galaxy S21 FE (opens in new tab) review, where we've put this new device through its paces. You'll also find our recommendations for this week's best Galaxy S21 FE deals (opens in new tab) too, should you want to see what the bigger carriers are offering.

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