Motorola to launch a new budget tablet in India on August 17

moto tab g62
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One more budget Android tablet is going to launch in the Indian market. Motorola is launching Moto Tab G62 on the Indian market on August 17.

Looking at the teaser images, we can expect this new tablet from Motorola to be a lite version of the Moto Tab G70 which was launched earlier this year by Motorola.

Motorola's latest tablet will be available in two different variants, a Wi-Fi-only variant and an LTE variant. There could be multiple RAM and internal storage variants for the tablet, we will have to wait and see. Take a look at the features and specifications that have been revealed on the teasers now.

 Moto Tab G62: key features and specifications  

moto tab g62

(Image credit: Flipkart)

Moto Tab G62 comes with a 10.6-inch 2K LCD. And there is Dolby Atmos support for its quad stereo speaker setup. This tablet would make for a great media consumption device, given its high-resolution screen and potent speaker setup.

From the front, it looks like any other Android tablet in the segment with the display taking most of the space and just blatant bezels. The body of the tablet is completely made of metal, sleek aluminium design on the back and side. 

This tablet is powered by Snapdragon 680 SoC. It is the same chipset that is powering Oppo Pad Air

It is backed up by a 7,700mAh battery like Moto Tab G70. Moto hasn't revealed the fast charging on this tablet. 

The tablet comes with a near-stock Android experience like other Motorola phones and tablets. It comes with Android 12 out of the box. It has some standout features such as a special reading mode, Google kids space, entertainment space and instant memo.

More tablets, more choice

There was a time when good tablets were a rare sight in the Indian market. All we got when it came to Android tablets were some tablets from Lenovo and Samsung, all of which weren't that exciting, especially on the budget segment. 

Now we have a healthy amount of tablets in the market, with tablets from major brands such as Xiaomi, Moto, Oppo and Realme. Moto has launched two tablets here, Moto Tab G20 and Moto Tab G70

We can expect this tablet to go against Oppo Pad Air in terms of pricing as this would be coming as a lower-end variant of Moto Tab G70. 

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