Super-sized Samsung tablet to begin production?

Samsung to launch a 12.2-inch tablet?
We're expecting a 50-foot Samsung tablet at some point

Tablets that are as big as traditional computer screens may well be right around the corner, as Samsung is set to launch a 12.2-inch monster.

This isn't the first that we have heard of Samsung's plans to introduce a massive tablet, as specs have previously been leaked.

It could be argued that Samsung kick started a revolution in massive smartphones, with the launch of the original phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note. Could it be trying to do the same with the tablet market?

Of course it's not the first to blast past the 10-inch screen size, but its huge marketing campaigns may make this offering the most well know.

Reports picked up by Digitimes from Taiwan-based supply chain makers, say that Chinese firm Shenzhen O-film Tech is providing the film-based capacitive screen.

Samsung Galaxy Mega Note 12.2?

Samsung certainly has no qualms about super-sizing tech, with the Galaxy smartphone range getting every larger.

The Galaxy S4 packs a 5-inch screen, the Galaxy Note 3 has a 5.7-inch screen and a version of the Galaxy Mega comes with a 6.3-inch beast.

It is unclear where the new device will land within Samsung's branding; will it be part of the Galaxy Tab range, the Galaxy Note range, or even launch into a Galaxy Mega tablet?

Production is set to start before the year is out, so could we see an announcement at MWC 2014? We'll be keeping an eye on this one for sure.

Via CNet