Samsung says it was designing tablets before iPad

Trial latest: Samsung says it was designing tablets before iPad
Samsung attempting to prove that its Galaxy Tab design ideas pre-date the iPad

Samsung was discussing design plans for the Galaxy Tab tablets months before Apple launched the iPad and so couldn't have copied it, a court has heard.

Giving testimony through an interpretor during the Apple vs Samsung trial in Californa, chief designer Jin Soo Kim presented an internal email thread and sketch of a prospective design for the Galaxy Tab.

The email thread is dated days before Cupertino revealed the first generation iPad in January 2010, so Samsung hopes to prove it couldn't have copied the iPad because it wasn't yet in the public realm.

Kim himself says his work on the slate that would become the Galaxy Tab started in October 2009, a full three months before Apple came along with the iPad.

A bit sketch-y

The sketch features a flat glass panel, just like the iPad and the disputed rectangular design, which prompted Apple to file multiple patent infringement suits around the world.

Kim argued that the flat glass was an obvious choice due to the difficulty of manufacturing rounded glass and the potential difficulties that would cause for consumers.

He also added that the disputed bezel surrounding the screen "acts like a bumper on a car, it is to protect the device, so really it's for the user," so had to be featured on the tablet.

The trial continues.


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