New Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD UK release date: Oct. 25

Kindle Fire HD
The UK, now in HD

Look out, Europe, some Fire is on its way.

Amazon announced the European launch for its upgraded Kindle Fire and the all new 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, and also marked the first Kindle to make its way to the U.K.

Along with France, Italy, Germany and Spain, the U.K. will all see the tabs start shipping Oct. 25. Pre-ordering is now up on Amazon's European site.

The new Kindle Fire UK price is £129 ($159) while the Kindle Fire HD UK price is £159 ($199) for a 16GB model and £199 ($249) for 32GB.

In terms of specs, the European tablets will be identical to their North American counterparts, with the key differences coming from Amazon's services.

U.K. Fire tablets won't have any Amazon Prime membership benefits. Amazon Instant Video, for example, will be swapped for a one month trial subscription with LoveFilm.

However, the European continent recently saw the Appstore for Android pop up for the first time, so perhaps the early months will be a trial run for how Amazon does business where it never has before.

To see the tablet in action, check out our Amazon Kindle Fire HD UK video below:

Death of the DX

Amid the birth of new Kindle tablets comes news of another's death, with the Kindle DX heading for retirement.

"We are pretty much done with it," said Amazon vice president Jay Marie in a published report in reference to the DX.

He added that the aging ereader may still continue to be manufactured and sold before disappearing for good, but it does not sound likely to expect a new model of the 9.7-inch ereader to show up down the road.

Instead, the company's focus is set squarely on promoting its Kindle Fire tablets, along with Amazon's newly announced shining star, the Kindle Paperwhite.

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