Asus to oust Samsung as next Nexus 10 maker?

Asus to oust Samsung as next Nexus 10 maker?
Samsung Nexus 10: Solid, but no Nexus 7

Samsung may be on the outs as the Google Nexus 10 manufacturer, according to reports on Friday claiming Nexus 7-maker Asus has been chosen to build the next version of its big brother too. obtained information suggesting Google preferred Asus' prospective design submissions over Samsung's for the largest of the three Nexus devices.

The original Nexus 10 from Sammy was launched alongside the Nexus 7 last year but, despite being a solid device in its own right, failed to achieve the same commercial or critical success.

Now, if the reports prove to be true, Asus will have the chance to rectify that when the device eventually arrives, perhaps before the end of the year and maybe even with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie on board?

Not so fast...

The information provided by the report seems to have been corroborated by a photo showing a new Nexus 10 in a store inventory system, clearly labeling Asus as the manufacturer.

Asus Nexus 10

Proof in the listing? (Credit:

However, before anyone gets too excited about possible design symmetry between the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, today's report contradicts previous information that, seemingly, came straight from the horse's mouth.

Following the Nexus 7 launch event in July, Google's Head of Android Sundar Pichai reportedly confirmed to a Wall Street Journal reporter that Samsung would be back on board for a second attempt.

"Expect to see new 10-inch Nexus 10 Android tablet (made by @Samsung) in the near future, Google's @sundarpichai tells me," Efrati posted on Twitter on July 25.

Trouble, trouble, trouble

If Samsung has indeed been ousted from the Nexus equation, it could be construed as a further sign that tensions between the company and Google are escalating.

It has been suggested in some quarters that Google has become concerned about the power Samsung wields due to its recent dominance of the Android landscape, despite denials from the company.

The Nexus devices represent a surefire way for Google to guarantee its vision for Android remains prominent as manufacturers make the open-source OS unique to their own devices through custom skins and apps.

With all that in mind, is Google more comfortable with Asus as a partner? Is Google's ownership of Moto - a Samsung rival - now a factor in the Nexus equation? Or will we see a new Samsung Nexus 10 after all? The plot thickens.

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