MSI confirms Pine Trail Wind in the offing

Right, who's broken Wind?
Right, who's broken Wind?

MSI has confirmed to TechRadar that it is readying a 'pine trail' version of its popular Wind netbook – utilising the next generation of Intel Atom technology.

It's been rumoured for months that MSI's next-generation netbook would be unveiled at CES, and that now appears to be the case.

Atom processors have been the major player in the netbook market, and MSI's popular and critically acclaimed Wind series has benefited from Intel's ultra low-voltage processor.

The next generation of Atom platform is codenamed Pine Trail – which moves the graphics and memory controllers onto the Pineview processor.


Speaking at an AMD event, an MSI spokesman told TechRadar that work was already in progress for a new Pine Trail Wind which would surface next year.

"We are working on a Pine Trail Wind for early next year," he confirmed.

With Pine Trail available in early January, it would be an easy assumption to make that the new netbook will be put on show at CES in January 2010.

Taiwanese computer giant MSI has become increasingly more influential in the netbook market, and has moved from being known as white-label supplier to a brand in its own right.

So a Pine Trail Wind is definitely one to keep an eye out for in January, not least because it sounds like it smells nice.

Patrick Goss

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