Samsung's touch-friendly Series 5 Ultrabook is its great Windows 8 hope

Samsung's touch-friendly Series 5 Ultrabook is its great Windows 8 hope
Series 5 - touch it up

With Windows 8 fast approaching, Samsung is the latest firm to unveil its launch line-up for the new OS, unveiling a 13-inch Ultra Touch Ultrabook in the guise of the Series 5.

It's not to be confused with the Samsung Series 5 unveiled at CES 2012 – although it would be no surprise if it was given the similarities in name and spec.

The new 13-inch Ultra Touch laptop comes in two touchscreen flavours – a Core i3 edition with 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive, or a Core i5 version.

The i3 laptop will go on sale at $809.99 (around £500 or AU$789), while the souped-up Core i5 Series 5 will land with a price tag of $859.99 (around £534 or AU$837).

Tablet time

As well as the Series 5 Ultrabooks, Samsung has announced two new Windows 8 tablets which we'll expect to see in shops shortly after the Windows 8 launch date of October 26.

The 11.6-inch tablets are souped up Ativ Smart PC units running Windows 8, with the 500T coming with an Atom Z2760, 2GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

You have the option of buying the Ativ Smart PC 500T with a keyboard ($749.99 or around £467, AU$730) or without ($649.99 – around £405, AU$635).

The 700T is a little more impressive, with Core i5 processor behind its 11.6-inch screen, with 4GB of Ram and 128GB of storage to boot. It'll set you back $1199.99 (around £745 or AU$1170).

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