Acer Aspire S7 and S3 Ultrabooks get the Haswell touch

Acer Aspire S7 and S3 get the Haswell treatment
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As part of its mass product unveiling today at Computex, Acer announced the refreshed, Haswell-packing Aspire S7 and S3.

The S7 13.3-inch touchscreen ultrabook, launched a year ago, will be getting Intel's new Haswell CPUs, which Acer claims will bring a 33 per cent battery life boost.

However, Acer has decided to ditch the 11-inch model, meaning the new S7 will only be available in the 13-inch variant. It'll also now come with a 2,560 x 1,1440 display as standard in Europe (optional elsewhere) bringing it nicely in line with the 13-inch retina MacBook Pro.

The rest of the Aspire S3-392's design is much the same though, sporting the Gorilla Glass lid and lightweight body.

Haswell conspiracy

Acer's S3 ultrabook meanwhile is being redesigned to align with the S7 in style, while also getting the new Haswell CPUs, plus optional Nvidia GT735M graphics.

It doesn't have the Gorilla Glass of the S7, but it does now have a 1080p IPS touchscreen, much like the S7 had on its first iteration.

Both of these refreshes will touch down in July. The S7 will start at €1,450 (about £1,240, US $1885, AUS $1960) while the S3 will begin €999 (about £854, US $1298, AUS $1350).

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