Hewlett Packard developing a 'Half-Pint' Android Tablet

Apple seems to have started a new trend, before even officially announcing its new tablet computer!

While the muted announcement of Microsoft's new Hewlett-Packard manufactured tablet computer failed to excite CES attendees this week, it seems that the rumours that H.P. is also working on a 'half pint' sized Android-powered tablet are true.

The news comes from the New York Times, which explains how HP is developing a number of different tablet computers in 2010, with various operating systems including Windows 7, Google Android, and possibly Linux.

A senior editor of a major magazine publishing empire told the newspaper, "I've seen a much smaller version of H.P.'s tablet that works exclusively with Android. It's smaller than the Windows 7 version, almost like a half-pint size, or about twice as large as the iPhone.

"I've also heard mention of a Linux version in the works, but I haven't seen the hardware for this device."

Can HP work with media?

The anonymous mag editor added: "H.P. is a great hardware company, they make excellent hardware experiences, but I worry about their ability to introduce and work with media."

Marlene Somsak, an H.P. Media Relations Director, in response to the story noted: "I'm certain that we will be announcing new Slates in the future as they are a very interesting area for us. There are also tons of HP Labs activities looking at a numerous different areas. As of now we are not announcing a new Android based slate."

Via bits.blogs.nytimes.com