Microsoft’s iPad killer? Budget Surface tablet said to be in the works

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft is reportedly working on a more affordable Surface tablet to compete with Apple’s affordable iPad.

Bloomberg originally reported that the forthcoming lower-cost Surface tablet will feature a 10-inch screen, rounded corners and a $400 (about £300, AU$530) price tag to directly compete with the iPad designed for students. Overall, it seems as though this device is meant to be much more portable than the current 12.3-inch Surface Pro, and it’s also rumored to be 20% lighter.

As a consequence of the device's smaller screen size and weight, battery life will supposedly be four hours shorter than that of the full-sized Surface Pro – which Microsoft claims to last for 13.5 hours on a single charge.

Surface area

Bloomburg’s source suggests that Microsoft’s new slate will still come equipped with an Intel processor and integrated graphics, as well as the Surface line’s signature kickstand, and it will run Window 10 Pro. 

The new Surface is will supposedly release with multiple models with differing amounts of storage including 64GB and 128GB SKUs, and certain devices with built-in LTE radios.

However, it’s surprising that the source doesn’t mention Qualcomm Snapdragon – nor Windows 10 S – but this device would still fall in line with Microsoft’s definition of an “Always Connected PC.”

USB-C connectivity and charging is another purported feature, and we hope it will be a true ThunderBolt 3 port, rather than simply being a USB 3.1 Type-C as seen on the Surface Book 2.

We all but expected Microsoft to release a Surface Mini ages ago alongside the Surface Pro 3, but this new device seems like the long-awaited sequel to the Surface 3. We’ve got our fingers crossed that Microsoft will actually announce the device soon.

Via The Verge

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