LG's new portable 4K projector boasts double the brightness of the Samsung Freestyle

LG Cinebeam PU700R on white surface with a colorful background
(Image credit: LG)

There’s a new portable 4K projector in town, and it could put the Samsung Freestyle to shame.

LG has unveiled a new CineBeam smart projector called the PU700R, which takes a similarly portable form factor and adaptable design, but imbues it with double the brightness of Samsung’s impressive on-the-go beamer.

At $1,699 (around £1,350 / AU$2,600), the CineBeam PU700R is relatively pricey for a portable projector. Samsung’s Freestyle launched at half the price of LG’s model and has since dropped to around a third, which means they occupy very different price points compared to Samsung’s Full HD one – though that’s hardly surprising for a 4K projector.

The LG model is a little more cinematically minded, with a minimum image size of 60 inches and maximum of 120 inches for its 4K resolution output. Samsung’s model occupies a 30-100 inch range for Full HD, so is a little more flexible, especially in smaller spaces, but can’t quite reach the same size as the PU700R. 

White portable projector beaming light

(Image credit: LG)

When the bright is right

The brightness is the key disparity here, with LG’s 1000 lumens output doubling the 550 lumens maximum of the Samsung Freestyle.

In our Samsung Freestyle review, we actually praised the “decent brightness”. It’s not like you’re suffering on that front, though we know that a high brightness level can be a killer specification for a good projector – especially for a larger, higher-resolution image.

When Samsung unveiled the Freestyle, we termed it an “oddball” device, though LG’s foray into the portable 4K projector market makes it clear that a wider trend is happening towards high-quality beamers that nonetheless pack in the versatility and freedom of a portable gadget. Why drill a projector into the ceiling, when you can point it with ease in any direction?

The price difference will likely mean few shoppers are stuck choosing between these two options – though a larger, brighter and higher-resolution image may well sway those after a portable projector that doesn't skimp on specification.

Henry St Leger

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