LG V60 ThinQ video and photo leak appear to show the phone in the flesh

The LG V50 ThinQ, above, will likely have a successor soon (Image credit: TechRadar)

The LG V60 ThinQ could land any day now, as prior to MWC 2020 being cancelled we were expecting it to launch around now, and it certainly seems ready as it has been leaked a lot lately, most recently in both a photo and a video.

In a tweet, Evan Blass (a leaker with a great track record) shared a photo of the LG V60 ThinQ, while also linking to a video (below) posted by PBKreviews. While that site has less of a track record, presumably Blass wouldn’t link to it if he didn’t think the video was genuine.

In any case, both the video and photo show a phone with a small notch at the top of the screen, housing a single-lens camera, while below the screen there’s a slim bezel.

On the back (which is only visible in the video) you can see the words ‘V60 ThinQ’, along with a large horizontal camera block housing four lenses. The back is black and looks to be made of glass, while the frame looks metal and is a contrasting silver shade.

The video also shows the phone being turned on, with the name ‘LG V60 ThinQ’ displayed on the screen.

While we’d always take leaks with a pinch of salt we’re not seeing any red flags here, so this may well be the real LG V60 ThinQ, especially as the design lines up with an earlier leaked render.

It’s worth noting though that in the render the frame was gold, so you might have a choice of frame color, along with a likely contrasting back, as shown in the video.

As noted, we’re likely to see the LG V60 ThinQ launch very soon, so we’ll know for sure before long. Stay tuned, because TechRadar will bring you all the details as soon as the phone is announced.

James Rogerson

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