Leak hints at AMD Radeon RX 5600 entry-level Navi graphics card

Image credit: Future (Image credit: Future)

The latest rumor concerning AMD’s Navi range of graphics cards is that there are new more affordable models coming which will slot below the existing Radeon RX 5700 offerings.

This speculation comes from benchmarks (on CompuBench) spotted by Komachi – a leaker with a considerable history – showing a Radeon GPU from AMD’s new 7nm line-up.

As Wccftech reports, seemingly this is the Navi 14, a more cut-down GPU compared to the Navi 10 (which powers the RX 5700 cards), and it might just be destined for an RX 5600 series which will come in at the entry-level.

Or so the theory goes – and indeed graphics card manufacturer Sapphire has previously filed trademarks for RX 5600 cards, as well as RX 5500, 5800, and 5900 models (though the firm is really just covering all the bases of what might happen for future GPU launches here, no doubt).

Spec details

At any rate, if the leak is genuine, these Navi 14 GPUs will sport 24 compute units with 64 stream processors each, which would make a total of 1,536 stream processors (compared to 2,304 with the RX 5700).

The maximum clock frequency is cited as 1,900MHz, and Komachi further guesses on Twitter that these cards will run with 4GB of video memory.

So as mentioned, the speculation runs that this will be an entry-level graphics card, to tackle Nvidia’s cheapest possible propositions with Turing, namely the GTX 1650 or 1660. And if the card is having benchmarks leaked now, it might not be too far away from launch – or at least an announcement.

But as ever with these sort of leaked benchmarks, take this with a suitable degree of caution. It’s a safe enough bet, however, that AMD will be releasing further Navi offerings in the future, it’s really just a question of the precise timeline.

Meanwhile, what we do know for the near future is that Radeon RX 5700 graphics cards will arrive from third-party GPU manufacturers by mid-August.

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