Latest Google Pixel 5 renders disappoint you? They're probably fake

Google Pixel 4
The successor to the Google Pixel 4 (above) is still a mystery (Image credit: Future)

A new set of leaked Google Pixel 5 renders have recently emerged, and while they’re detailed and high-quality, they’re also probably fake.

Shared by and sourced by xleaks7 (a leaker who has mostly leaked still unreleased things, so doesn’t have much of a track record yet), the renders show a phone with a rear-facing fingerprint scanner, a punch-hole camera on the front, a similar square camera block to the Google Pixel 4, and surprisingly chunky side bezels.

All in all it’s a distinctly mid-range, uninspiring look. We haven’t had any other real looks at the standard Pixel 5 (though a leaked and similarly suspect image of the Pixel 5 XL shows a very different camera block), so we can’t really say whether this lines up with other leaks or not (though it bears more than a passing resemblance to what we thought the Google Pixel 4a would look like), but we can say that it’s probably fake.

Beyond being a very dull design, a number or reputable leakers have cast doubts on these images, including @OnLeaks, who claimed that they’re “very doubtful”. But it’s not just these images that might be wrong. Rather, just about every Google Pixel 5 leak so far could be wrong.

You see, according to Stephen Hall (the managing editor at 9to5Google) the Google Pixel 5 hasn’t yet been leaked, with him suggesting that this is because of the impact Covid-19 has had on the “normal hardware production cadence.” As such, he says he “wouldn't believe anything about 'Pixel 5' out there quite yet”.

David Ruddock (editor-in-chief of Android Police) meanwhile agrees that there are no credible Pixel 5 leaks yet, claiming that this is because Google has not even decided what it’s doing with the phone yet. So it sounds like all of the leaked Google Pixel 5 details so far could be very much subject to change, or just completely fake.

This also raises the question of whether the Pixel 5 will even launch this year, as we’d have expected most of the details to be finalized by now if it were going to. So right now it seems we have less idea of what to expect from the Pixel 5 than ever.

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