Journey-planning app Google Trips has reached the end of the line

Google Trips
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Google has officially shut down its travel-planning app Google Trips, and shifted its features into Maps and Search.

Trips' departure was announced in June, and today Google has officially ended support for the app. If you didn't manage to back up your notes and destinations in time, don't worry – you can still access them through Search when you're logged into your Google account.

Feeling lost? Google has published a guide to help. To find activities in Search, simply type 'things to do' or visit the revamped Google Travel site. 

The Google Travel site also lets you make and browse travel reservations. You'll soon be able to add and edit notes here, as you could in the app, letting you jot down memos like essentials to pack and any special documents you need to take.

Swiping up on the 'Explore' tab in Google Maps will also reveal things you can do at a certain destination. You can save places to visit at a future date, and soon you'll be able to see future reservations as well.

Tripping through time

Google Trips only graced our screens briefly, having launched in 2016 as a tool for taking the stress out of planning a holiday, building an itinerary, finding activities, and even storing your boarding passes. It stored as much data as possible on your phone before you left home, reducing the risk of expensive roaming charges.

It was a handy tool, and thoughtfully designed, so it's good to see that its best features have been integrated into Google's main services where more people will be able to find and use them. Bon voyage, Trips – it's been fun.

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