Is this black and red PS5 the real deal? Maybe, but probably not

(Image credit: Sony)

When the design of the PS5 was finally unveiled, it’s fair to say it left fans split down the middle. Some people loved it, praising its futuristic look and sleek curved lines, while others hated it, comparing it to a Wi-Fi router or a poorly-made concept render. 

One thing that is most divisive, however, is the console’s two-tone color scheme, which mirrors the DualSense controller’s white and black design. We’re used to seeing white special editions of Sony’s consoles, but the company has historically opted for black plastic, ever since the PlayStation 2 days. So will we see a black PS5?

Well, according to a leaked piece of marketing material from Sony, a black and red PS5 could be on the way. Shared by ResetEra user BarrBarr, the photo is apparently part of a Sony promotion for stores to try and incentivize staff to sell more Sony Xperia products. 

(Image credit: BarrBarr via ResetEra)

While the picture clearly shows a black PS5 and DualSense controller with red led lighting instead of blue, there are a few tell tale signs that the image may have been manipulated in photoshop. For a start, a blue hue remains on the inside of the PS5’s distinctive ‘popped-collar’, and the rear side of the DualSense controller is clearly white.

Two-tone debate

Is a black and red PS5 likely, then? Honestly, the odds are unlikely, but we do know we’ll see different console designs in the future. PlayStation’s vice president of UX design Matt Maclauri said that players can “count on even more beautiful (and hopefully radical) special editions” in the future. 

For now, though, if you don’t like the PS5 design, you’re out of luck until Sony reveals a new edition of its upcoming next-gen console.

Adam Vjestica

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