iPhone SE's top model dropped by Apple, so is the iPhone SE 3 on its way?

iPhone SE
The iPhone SE from 2020 (Image credit: Future)

After the iPhone 13 reveal, Apple mixed up its iPhone selection by dropping older models like the iPhone XR, and it has also dropped a particular storage variant of the iPhone SE.

Although we didn't hear anything about an iPhone SE 3 at the company's big reveal, Apple has changed its lineup slightly to only offer it in the 64GB or 128GB configurations.

Desperate to get your hands on the iPhone SE in a 256GB variant? You can no longer buy it directly from Apple, but at the time of writing we've seen deals in the UK that still offer this model from a variety of networks and retailers. 

If you want a 256GB model, you may need to act quickly as it's likely retailers now have limited stock of the handset, and it won't be replenished by Apple in the future.

This move from Apple could also be a sign that an iPhone SE 3 is in development, and the company is winding down production of the iPhone SE.

We don't have exact sales figures for the existing iPhone SE, but considering this is Apple's cheaper handset we would expect the 256GB model to have the lowest interest, as it costs the most.

If Apple is dropping the iPhone SE slowly, it would make sense for it to start with that 256GB model.

Analysis: Will we see an iPhone SE in 2022?

iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020 (Image credit: Future)

We don't know for certain, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously said he believes Apple will introduce its third iteration of the iPhone SE in the first half of 2022.

The iPhone SE (2020) was introduced in April of that year, so it may be that we see Apple follow a similar cadence with it introducing a new model exactly two years later.

Why isn't Apple introducing a new iPhone SE every year? Often Apple uses older parts and technology from previous iterations of the flagship iPhone series for its iPhone SE models.

For example, the original iPhone SE shared the same design as the iPhone 5S while the current iPhone SE is based on the iPhone 8 design. That means Apple may be eyeing up using iPhone 11 parts for its next handset.

Via MacRumors

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