iPhone 13 camera specs leaked and could be much better than the iPhone 12

iPhone 11 Pro Max
The iPhone 13 could have two more lenses than the 11 Pro Max (above) (Image credit: Future)

The iPhone 12 hasn’t even launched yet but already we’ve seen a leak detailing the possible specs of the iPhone 13’s camera, and if it’s accurate then a lot could be changing.

According to Twitter leaker @choco_bit, the iPhone 13 might have a 64MP main sensor, a 40MP telephoto lens with 3x-5x optical zoom and 15x-20x digital zoom, a 64MP anamorphic lens (for taking shots in a 2.1:1 aspect ratio, apparently, although typical anamorphic lenses aren't in this ratio), a 40MP ultra-wide snapper, and LiDAR 4.0.

So including the LiDAR scanner that’s five lenses, up from a rumored four on the iPhone 12 Pro and just two on the standard iPhone 12. The specs of the lenses could also be very different here. While it’s possible that one of the iPhone 12 sensors will be 64MP, most will probably have far fewer megapixels.

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The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are at least rumored to have a LiDAR scanner (for judging depth) though, so that aspect isn’t so surprising – the ‘4.0’ in the name presumably means it’s the fourth generation of Apple’s take on the scanner, following on from the iPad Pro (2020), the iPhone 12 Pro, and perhaps Apple Glasses.

We would, however, take all of this with a huge helping of salt, not least because the source themselves says to do so. This is a super early rumor, so even if there is some truth to it currently the situation could well change before launch.

This is also a surprising amount of detail to be getting this early – in fact, it arguably provides more clarity on the iPhone 13’s cameras than we currently have on the iPhone 12’s, which seems something of a red flag.

Plus, the source is largely unproven so far – they’ve leaked a lot of iPhone 12 details, but none of that has been confirmed yet. On the other hand, some of their claims have been cited by leakers who do have a good track record, so it’s unlikely they’re just making things up.

These latest claims probably won’t be proven true or false until late 2021, as that’s when we’re expecting to see the iPhone 13, but we should get a better idea of how accurate some of @choco_bit’s claims are a lot sooner, as the iPhone 12 is expected to land in September. In the meantime we’ll be sure to bring you all the important iPhone news and rumors.

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