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View YouTube videos inside Google Earth

Watch footage of the Eiffel Tower (or wherever) while browsing around Google Earth

Google has added a new feature to Google Earth that enables you to watch videos about the places you want to visit. Powered by YouTube, the new function arrives in a video layer inside the application.

According to Google, the new feature "places YouTube videos in their geographical context". The layer lets you zoom in on regions of the globe and view the YouTube videos that are about that location.

Michael Jones, the chief technologist for Google Earth, said: "Our vision here is all about the sense of place. Photos show the local view, but videos add the sense of life. The combination of Earth's 'where' with YouTube's 'what' makes the combined experience that much more complete and compelling."

Google likens the new function to the change from previously being able to see an aerial view of, say, the Colosseum to now being able to "watch YouTube videos filmed on and near the Colosseum and experience it through the eyes of the YouTube users who have been there."