StumbleUpon's shortens, pushes URLs

Will prove to be super? Let the beta test decide!
Will prove to be super? Let the beta test decide!

Take two URL shorteners into the shower? Not me, I just and go.

A new web address shortening service from StumbleUpon allows publishers to post to Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon with one click, and possibly drive extra traffic to their sites.

The free tool slashes the length of traditional URLs, while posting across multiple platforms and exposing content to StumbleUpon's "nearly 8 million" users.

Short and tweet

All publishers have to do is type in their message, hit post, and the message is posted along with the shortened URL. Publishers can identify the best times to post, schedule future posts, and see real-time results on clicks, tweets, and traffic associated with posts. users have the option to have their own domain-name in the short URLs (i.e. and can choose to create links that redirect traffic to their own site (301 redirect), preserving their search ranking. is currently in private beta but blogger Tim Ferris claims that it has already "increased traffic to my site, delivering as many as 24,000 unique visitors to a single post in less than 24 hours."

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