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Google buys Jotspot's wiki service

Jotspot is a company that produces wikis for businesses

Jotspot , a company that produces wikis for businesses, is the latest in line of Google purchases. Google would not disclose how much it paid for the company.

Jotspot has been quite successful with its wiki-like services, which give companies the ability to collectively edit documents, calendars and spreadsheets. Google's buy-out of the company was made public today but few details concerning the deal are known.

What has been made public is that Jotspot's system will be relocated to Google's data centre and until that happens, Jotspot is closed for new business.

"At Google , we'll be able to plug into the resources that only a company of Google's scale can offer, such as access to world-class data centres," a spokesperson for the company wrote in a post on Jotspot's blog . "This will help us to ensure better performance and scalability."

Auction website eBay has a long established collaboration with Jotspot and uses the company platform for a user-wiki. It is still unclear whether this relationship will continue following Google's acquisition of the company.

The men behind Jotspot are Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer, perhaps better known as founders of early 1990s search engine pioneer Excite . Anna Lagerkvist