Feedair Friend puts notifications in the red

Feedair Friend
Big red notifications looks more important

Feedair has launched the Feedair Friend digital ticker display with Wi-Fi connectivity and LED display.

The small, aluminium-bodied device is USB-powered and sits neatly on a desktop, ready to provide updates from your digital world.

Its 147 dot matrix LED display could be just the thing to separate out the important notifications in your life, or maybe just add another information channel vying for your attention.

The data it displays is controlled via an app for iOS and Android phones. With this app you can manage what Feedair calls vidgets (visual widgets) via the Feedair Vidget Bar which sorts messages into 20 different categories including social networking and financial services.

Remember. To. Buy. Milk. Stop.

Tweets, direct emails and calendar alerts can also be displayed, though we're not sure reading a whole email on a one line display is our idea of fun.

"Digital distractions and overload are common among CE enthusiasts, so we set out to simplify and organize media updates in an at-a-glance, cohesive manner," said Feedair founder Simon Milner.

It's speech bubble form factor is certainly cute, and with Feedair actively developing its range of widgets some new and interesting ways of receiving everyday information could be just around the corner.

The Feedair Friend comes in a blue, silver, black or pink and will be on sale from Feedair's websitein March for around US$50.

Via venturebeat.com