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Google Talk added to as Google IO rebrand looms

Google Talk added to
Now you can chat with your Gmail homies on Microsoft's turf

Microsoft has put Google's APIs to work to add Google Talk to after customer feedback demanded it.

You can only use the Google service to instant message at the moment, with video and audio chat missing for now.

"If it turns out a lot of people want the voice and video with Google, that's certainly something we'll go talk to them about," Dharmesh Mehta, senior director of, told The Verge.

The Skype's the limit

Of course, Microsoft shelled out a fairly significant chunk of change for Skype last year, which is also integrated into the webmail service complete with voice and video calling.

You can commence G chatting in a sidebar on once you connect a Google account to the Microsoft service.

We're expecting Google to rebrand its Google Talk products at Google I/O this week, when all its instant messaging and video calling shenanigans will fall under the banner of Google Hangouts - at least that's what our source tells us.