Google+ posts drop by 41 per cent

Posts are down 41 per cent on Google+

Despite notching up a whopping 25 million users in its first month in existence, Google+ is experiencing an alarming decrease in user posts, according to new data.

The early buzz that surrounded the Google+ launch in June, suggested that the company may have finally struck the right chord in its seemingly eternal bid for a successful social venture.

However, has revealed that the average number of posts per person using the service each day has dropped by 41 per cent this month, compared with the previous four weeks.

"Our data indicates that the average number of public Google+ posts per day has decreased from 0.68 public posts per day between 19 July 2011 and 19 August 2011 to 0.40 public posts per day between 19 August 2011 and 14 September 2011.

"This represents a decrease of 41%," the report says.

Novelty worn off?'s methodology isn't perfect, it must be pointed out.

The site reached these figures by tallying post counts from the 7,000+ users who've used the MessageFilter tool to link their Twitter accounts to ensure tweets are duplicated on Google+.

However, we're hearing less and less about Google+, receiving fewer notifications through GMail and checking it less and less, mainly because there's usually nothing there to check.

It seems fair to assume that's a pattern that could be repeating itself across the user-base. When was the last time you posted on Google+? Has the novelty worn off already?


Chris Smith

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