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Google explains apostrophe in "+1's"

Google +1 - apostrophe or not?
Google +1 - apostrophe or not?

Google has explained itself to those questioning its decision to put an apostrophe in "+1's", with a humorous post thanking people for caring and insisting that it is correct to include it.

Google has found people asking why +1's would have an apostrophe at all, with people pointing out that it is not a contraction or a possessive.

However, Google reasons that "It's also acceptable to use an apostrophe to add clarity and make sure people read words as intended - for example, when your school teacher tells you to mind your p's and q's."

Font of all knowledge

Plus, the search giant is worried that, "in certain fonts, a 1 looks quite a bit like a lowercase L. So we use +1's to avoid showing you something that looks like +ls.

"Adding an apostrophe makes terms like +1's, +1'd, and +1'ing easier to read quickly."

Rest assured that Google is taking this all very seriously and not making fun of you grammar nerds at all: "Thank you for caring enough about grammar to read this article. You're exactly the type of person for whom this answer was written."