Google Checkout rolled into Google Wallet

Google Checkout rolled into Google Wallet

Google has rolled its two major payment systems up, with Google Checkour becoming part of the Google Wallet brand.

It's not surprising that Google has chosen to group the products, simplifying things for its consumers.

Checkout was, of course, Google's original offering for online payment, offering a way to "quickly and easily buy from stores across the web and track all your orders and shipping in one place."

Wallet was essentially Google's mobile version, allowing speedy payments through your device, and having the two payment brands did seem unnecessary.


Checkout customers will be given the option of 'transitioning' to Wallet the next time they log in, while Wallet users will now see new cards appear in their Checkout accounts.

Mobile and online payments are clearly a big, and burgeoning, deal as more and more of us look for convenience both online and on the move.

Checkout launched in the UK back in 2007, with Google Wallet launching in September this year.

Via The Verge