Intel announcing ... something at Tokyo Game Show 2019

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Intel has had an interesting year: it's put out two new lines of laptop CPUs in Ice Lake and Comet Lake, and has been outsold by AMD's Ryzen 3rd Generation chips on the desktop side. But, Intel may have something in store for us at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Intel Japan came out on Twitter and said it would be making a "serious announcement regarding PC games for 2020"  at TGS 2019. And, with the Intel Core i9-9900KS right around the corner in October, we might end up seeing Intel announce its long-awaited Xe graphics card.

...just don't get too excited yet, as there's a chance this isn't something big. 

Intel entering into an entirely new market with a graphics card would be something we'd expect to see at one of the big tech shows like CES 2020 or Computex. We are starting to see some tech companies launch gaming-centric products at gaming shows – like with AMD launching its Navi graphics cards at E3 2019 – but an Intel graphics card for consumers might be too big of an announcement. 

So, what could it be? Well, we could see Intel announce some new software solutions for gamers, as it spent most of Gamescom 2019 talking about how it makes the best hardware and software for games. We have also seen some leaks that suggest that Intel may be planning a Phantom Canyon NUC for next year to finally dethrone the excellent Hades Canyon NUC

Either way, we have no idea what Intel has planned for the Tokyo Games Show, but  we'd love to be surprised with a new graphics card. Until then, we'll just have to wait and see what Intel is planning. 

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