Huawei could be working on a smartwatch dedicated to gaming

As per a listing on World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), a new patent for a gaming smartwatch from Huawei has been published. The patent is named - ‘Smart wearable device and control method for the same wearable device’. The patent was originally applied for on 15 December 2017.

Earlier to this, Huawei has filed a similar patent in China twice in 2015 and 2016. The document filed in 2017 seems like an improvement over the previously filed ones. 

The patent involves a new way of operating smartwatch using the bands, and this isn’t the first time Huawei is doing this. What’s different this time is that it is fully customised for gaming on smartwatch. 

Credits- letsgodigital

Credits- letsgodigital

But how will you game on it?

The documentations have detailed illustrations of how the technology is supposed to work. It shows that there’s a mechanical sensor and a touch area on both the bands, which can be activated by a slide or a long-press gesture.

The watch strap is also shown to be acting as a virtual keyboard where half of the keys are on left and the half on are right. Users would be able to scroll up and down to access all characters. 

It is said to incorporate a number of gestures like tap, slide, pull, sway, twist, shake and press. These will be used to assign different functions to each gesture. 

The operations will be customised according to the current use case of the smartwatch. There would also be controls when it is tied around the wrist, and the they’re different when the watch rests on a flat surface.

The documents include a well-descriptive table that tells which gesture triggers what movement. For instance, one of them tells that one end of the band can be used as a navigation controller and other as face keys, similar to a controller. 

Aside from gaming, the bands can be used to control other operations like taking selfies. You can also zoom in and out, scroll, copy text and a lot more. 

The patent doesn’t only tell us about Huawei’s ambition to become number one by being the first in the category, but also indicates the kind of innovation we can expect from them. Moreover, with the tri-camera P20 Pro making its mark and an under-development foldable phone also validate the company’s focus.  

Via- letsgodigital

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