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How to watch Romeo and Juliet online: stream 1996 Leonardo DiCaprio movie anywhere

watch romeo and juliet online
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The movie that catapulted Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes into stardom, Baz Luhrmann's unapologetically brash, topsy-turvy 1996 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet divided audiences and critics alike at the time, but over the years it's established itself as a classic in its own right. From John Leguizamo's sideburns and Paul Rudd's dad dancing, to Romeo and Juliet's achingly tender moments together, what's not to love? Read on as we explain how to watch Romeo and Juliet online and stream the movie, wherever you are in the world right now.

How to watch Romeo and Juliet online

Release date: 1996

Director: Baz Luhrmann

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, Pete Postlethwaite

Run time: 2 hrs

Rating: PG-13

Stream now: Prime Video (UK) | Crave (Can) 

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The most famous love story in Western theatre has been done to death and then some, but of the countless interpretations it's Luhrmann's almost offensively neon depiction that stands out as the biggest and most memorable of all.

The Montagues and the Capulets are reimagined as rival mafia empires, with gunfights and scuffles between the warring factions a regular occurrence in the battleground city of Verona Beach. 

Hostilities boil over when the tearaway Tybalt (John Leguizamo), Juliet's cousin, and Romeo's best friend Mercutio (Harold Perrineau) experience the full force of each rival families' hatred, with a lovestruck Romeo caught in the middle, making a secret love affair that was always going to be tricky to explain to the parents a very dangerous game indeed.

The ensemble cast also features Miriam Margolyes as Juliet's nanny, and the late, great Brian Dennehy and Pete Postlethwaite as Romeo's father and Father Laurence respectively. We all know how the story goes, so that's all we'll say for now - here's how to watch Romeo and Juliet online from anywhere.

How to watch Romeo and Juliet from outside your country

Unfortunately, if you’re out of your country of residence for whatever reason, then geo-blocks will prevent you from connecting to your streaming services and content back home.

Luckily, there’s a simple fix. Downloading a VPN will let you to change your IP address to that of any country in the world: meaning you can access your preferred VOD platform online from anywhere – just like you would in your own living room.

Use a VPN to watch Romeo and Juliet online from anywhere

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watch Romeo and Juliet online uk

How to watch Romeo and Juliet in the UK

Folks in the UK also luck out when it comes to Romeo and Juliet, as it's available as part of the standard Prime Video library and can therefore be watched at no additional cost by subscribers.

Best of all, you can get a FREE Amazon Prime Video trial to see if the service and its host of other benefits - in addition to Prime Video content, there's also its famous free next-day (and in some cases same-day) delivery) - are right for you.

Brits abroad with a Prime subscription may not be able to stream the same content they would at home due to geo-blocking - unless they download and install a VPN. As detailed above, it’s super-easy to do and means you can watch your favorite films from anywhere.

watch Romeo and Juliet online canada

How to watch Romeo and Juliet online in Canada

The Canadian nation’s streaming service par excellence, Crave will let you watch classic HBO shows, Showtime programming and, of course, Romeo and Juliet. 

An entry-level Crave subscription costs CND$9.99 per month, but before coughing up you’ll get to enjoy a week-long free trial first.

If you’re currently abroad but desperate to see sparks fly between Leo and Claire, a top quality VPN will let you connect to a registered service from practically anywhere.

watch Romeo and Juliet online

How to watch Romeo and Juliet online in the US

Romeo and Juliet isn't currently available on a streaming service in the US, but you can rent or buy the Leo flick from the usual suspects.

Renting the HD version costs $3.99 across the board, with vendors including Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Apple TV, FandangoNOW, VUDU and DirecTV

You can also buy Romeo and Juliet from each of the services listed above, with prices ranging from $4.99 from Apple and Amazon, right the way to $9.99.

Anyone in the UK from a country where Romeo and Juliet is streaming can follow the VPN route as described above to access their usual streaming service and all of their favourite films.

watch Romeo and Juliet online australia

How to watch Romeo and Juliet in Australia 

Disappointingly, there's no straightforward way to legally stream Romeo and Juliet in Australia right now.

You can, however, rent the film from a whole host of platforms, including Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft Store, YouTube, and Apple TV. Prices range from AU$2.99 to AU$4.99, with Amazon and Apple your cheapest options.

You can also purchase the film from each of the services listed above, for AU$6.99 to AU$11.99 - once again, Amazon's your cheapest bet.

Anyone in the UK from a country where Romeo and Juliet is streaming can follow the VPN route as described above to access their usual streaming service and all their favourite films.

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