How to watch Deutschland 89 online in UK and stream every episode anywhere

watch deutschland 89 online free stream
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It's 1989 and yet another tumultuous year is unfolding in Germany, with reunification at hand and East Germany verging upon collapse.Read on as we explain how to watch Deutschland 89 online and stream the final series of brilliant German spy drama today, including for free in the UK.

Threatening the safety of his son, Max, the HVA once again forces Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay) back into service, but instead of protecting the interest of the GDR and its increasingly out of control agents, Kolibri goes rogue.

How to watch Deutschland 89 online

UK TV: Every Friday from March 5 on More 4

Time: 9pm GMT

Stream: watch for FREE on All 4(UK-only)

Watch anywhere: tune in today with a top-class VPN

The series' main players are all scrabbling to reinvent themselves in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Martin is playing a very dangerous game of his own, straddling the HVA, the BND and the CIA - when all he wants is to return to his ordinary life in the Berlin suburbs with his mother, girlfriend and son.

Lenora's still stuck in prison but you can guarantee she won't be there for long. And when she does get out, through fair means or foul, Martin will have yet another thing to worry about.

Chaos unfolds in the third and final entry in the gripping series for Anna and Joerg Winger, which has more moving pieces than ever as the Berlin Wall opens up a power vacuum that threatens to turn East Germany into an empty shell.

Follow our guide below for details of how to stream Deutschland 89 - watch Deutschland 89 free online in the UK thanks to Channel 4 and its All 4 platform, even if you're a Brit abroad!

watch Deutschland 89 free online

How to watch Deutschland 89 free online: stream in the UK


Deutschland 89 kicks off on More 4 at 9pm GMT on Friday, March 5, with new episodes airing weekly in the same slot, after which they go to All 4 for anytime streaming. In fact, the entire box set is online to stream after the first episode!

Anyone located in the UK can watch Deutschland 89 and all of the service's content for FREE. Registration takes seconds, but you should be in possession of a valid TV license, as this now extends to digital content as well as traditional box viewing. 

Not in the UK today? Brits abroad need only follow our guide below and download a quality VPN to watch Deutschland 89 online just like they would at home.

How to watch Deutschland 89 online from outside the country

If you're not in the UK right now but don't want to miss Deutschland 89, your best bet is a VPN. Once you get the right VPN, you can enjoy a secure and speedy connection, even on open Wi-Fi networks at places like hotels when you're abroad, enabling you to tune in and watch Deutschland 89 free online just like you would at home.

Even if you're not that tech-savvy, don't worry - getting a VPN is super simple and we've outlined how to do it in three easy steps below.

Use a VPN to watch TV's best shows from anywhere

1) Download and install a VPN

1) Download and install a VPN
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2) Connect to the appropriate server location
Simply open the VPN app, hit 'choose location' and select anywhere in the UK - it's super easy to do.

3) Go to All4
Either head to the All 4 website or the All 4 app and you can now watch every minute of Deutschland 89 - no matter where you are.

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