Horizon Zero Dawn 2 PS5 reveal edges closer as new dev details emerge

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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 may not have been confirmed yet but the evidence is ramping up that a sequel to 2017's post-apocalyptic RPG Horizon Zero Dawn is in the pipeline.

Horizon Zero Dawn developer, Guerilla Games, recently tweeted out a job listing for a Senior AI Programmer "who can make a difference in the design and implementation of the systems that make our NPCs come to life". However, the tweet also contained the hashtag 'PS5'. 

The tweet was swiftly deleted and redone but not before being picked up by Reddit (via our friends at GamesRadar).

[Screenshot] Guerrilla Games tweeted out a job post with the #PS5 hashtag before deleting and re-tweeting anew, suggesting again that Horizon 2 will be a next-gen only game from r/PS5

The tweet suggests that Guerilla Games is working on a new PS5 game, however, whether it will be Horizon Zero Dawn 2 remains to be seen. 

With the PlayStation 5 due to release in late 2020, we fully expect Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will come to the next-gen console. However, whether it will be a cross-gen title or a PS5 exclusive remains to be seen. 

All but confirmed

(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

While neither Sony nor Guerrilla Games have announced that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is in the works, one of the game's voice actors spilled the beans last year and essentially confirmed a sequel is on the way.

Voice actor Janina Gavankar, who was behind the voice of Tatai in The Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn, let it slip that Guerrilla Games is working on the next game in the series – but this is the most solid confirmation we've had that a sequel is in the works.

With the success of Horizon Zero Dawn, we can't see why Guerilla Games wouldn't have a follow-up in the works. The original Horizon Zero Dawn has sold 10 million copies and is the most popular new franchise ever to launch on the PS4.

Whatever game it is that Guerilla Games is working on, we're hoping we'll hear more about it in the coming months – most likely at the official PS5 reveal, where we're expecting to see the PS5 in all its glory, get a price confirmation and see the launch title line-up for the next-gen console. We just have to wait for Sony to confirm when that'll be.

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