LG unveils new 700w 5.1 setup

LG home cinema
The LG HT762TZ looks good enough to drink

LG’s new home cinema setup is a thing of beauty. Combining a DVD upscaler with 5.1 surround, the LG HT762TZ has been dubbed the 700w Champagne home cinema system, due to its great-looking speakers resembling champagne flutes.

It’s not just the main speakers that have the slimlined look, as the subwoofer also sports a trimmed-down chassis.

Although the system is a 5.1 setup VSM technology has been incorporated, adding a virtual 10.1 surround sound experience from the five speakers.

Defies definition

The LG HT762TZ has HDMI connectivity, so it is ideal for an existing hi-def setup but it also come with a Scart connection, so those who haven’t quite took the HD plunge, can still enjoy LG’s surround sound treatment.

The progressive scan DVD upscaler is reportedly capable of upscaling standard-def discs to 1080p, while it’s also DivX compatible, so all you internet-sourced media can also be played.

The LG HT762TZ 700w Champagne home cinema system weighs in at just £400 and is available now.

Marc Chacksfield

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