See Spider-Man drop in on the new Captain America: Civil War trailer

Spider-Man and Captain America

The latest Captain America: Civil War trailer shows a lot of what we've already seen in previous promos, but, in true Marvel style, there's a very exciting addition in this new clip right at the end. We're talking about Spider-Man, of course.

Spidey, played by Tom Holland, literally drops in when called upon by his new BFF, Iron Man, in a stand off with Captain America. That is, after much in-fighting among some key Avengers.

The growing rift between the team in the aftermath of earlier Avengers films is pretty much what this trailer is all about. With swinging fists and black eyes, it seems Team Marvel wants us to side with Iron Man and be concerned about Captain America, even though he's the headliner for this movie.

Still, as much as we're worried about what's happened to our formerly (mostly) happy Avengers family, we can't help but be giddy over the addition of Spider-Man, whose theme song will likely be stuck in our heads for the rest of the week.

Captain America: Civil War premieres on May 6, so expect more clips of the film before then. For now, you can watch the full trailer below for just a hint of Spider-Man action.