Panasonic announces new Freeview HD PVRs

Panasonic announced new Freeview HD PVRs
Panasonic's range of set top boxes expanded

Panasonic has added two new Freeview HD PVRs to its line up, with the DMR-HW100 handed a UK release date of mid-September and the space saving DMR-PWT500 making its debut a month later.

The DMR-HW100 is Panasonic's first Freeview HD+ hard-disk recorder – whilst the DMR-PWT500 brings all of the features of the DMP-BDT210 in a smaller form factor.

As you may expect, Panasonic is not only talking about the HD, but also the players' 3D capabilities – as and when we see it arrive on Freeview.


"Panasonic's DMR-HW100 and DMR-PWT500 are the first hard-disk only HD recorders of their kind to offer 2D HD recording, plus the future proof capability to record 3D HD when it becomes available on Freeview, and offering the capability to convert any 2D recording to 3D even when time shifting," states Panasonic.

"Plus streaming – great for those who want to experience more 3D content on their 3D ready panel and glasses."

One interesting feature of note is the capability to edit content – meaning that you can partially delete those half watched movies and documentaries clogging up your box.

Talking of which, both boxes have 320GB hard drives – perhaps a little skimpy for HD recording – although Panasonic suggests that this equates to 79 hours of HD content.

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