Lucas: 3D is a better way to watch a movie

Lucas: 3D is simply a better way to watch a movie
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D cinemas now

Iconic director George Lucas has insisted that the best way to watch a film is in 3D, as Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace arrives in 3D cinemas.

Although the first of the prequels is a long (long) way from being the fans' favourite movie, there is still huge excitement at the prospect of seeing some of cinema's most enduring characters in a new way.

With 3D still hugely divisive, many directors have thrown their weight behind the technology including Lucas who insists that it pulls movies on in the same way as colour enhanced the viewing experience.


"We're going through a new technological revolution that is set to change everything," he wrote in a letter to Shortlist magazine.

"Watching a movie in 3D is simply a better way to watch a movie. It's like black and white versus colour. Watching a movie in black and white is fine, however, colour makes it look more real.

"With 3D the depth brings reality to the digital characters and you notice things in the background that actually impact on the story. It becomes a truly immersive and overpowering experience."

Obviously some will point to Lucas' vested interest in making people go and watch The Phantom Menace and he has already pointed out that only success will mean that 3D versions of the much loved original Star Wars trilogy are made.

But it's still fascinating that one of the most influential of figure in Hollywood is insisting that 3D is not only good, but better than traditional 2D movie-making.

The proof of the pudding may well be in the tasting, with Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace in cinemas now.

Patrick Goss

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