Teufel's THX speaker set is a world's first

Teufel has the THX factor

Teufel may still be the new kids on the block when it comes to selling speaker systems in the UK, but it's already managed to bag a world's first – in the guise of System 5 THX Select 2 home theatre system.

This is the first speaker set to brandish THX's new Select 2 moniker.

The select branding is essentially given to reference systems that can blurt out fantastic sound for rooms in the 10-12 foot category, so perfect for your average living room.

5.2 setup

The System 5 set of speakers consist of three loudspeakers (S 500 FCR) for the front of your room, two rear speakers (S 500 D dipoles) and a subwoofer duo (S 5000 SW) which can knock out bass at an impressive 25Hz.

Altogether, the 5.2 setup – because sometimes one sub just isn't enough – will set you back around £1,410, depending on how kind the Euro is being.

As Teuful is a direct online seller, you will only find this system by pointing your browser to www.teufel.eu/uk.