Samsung returns fire at LG over OLED patents

Samsung readies itself for another major patent battle

In September, LG filed suit against Samsung over seven patents concerning organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology.

LG pointed the finger at devices like Samsung's Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Tab 7.7 as a few examples of infringing devices it hoped to have banned.

Samsung initially had no response, though the South Korean company did previously accuse LG of stealing its own OLED technologies.

It also claimed earlier this fall that LG had specifically targeted Samsung OLED technicians for employment, despite the employees having signed non-compete contracts.

Monday, the South Korean firm formally responded to LG's patent suit, with the hopes of having its competitor's patents disavowed.

On the defensive

Samsung has asked a Seoul court to dismiss seven of LG's patents for OLED technology, claiming LG's technologies lacked the originality and innovation required for such patents.

Just as LG claimed it was only filing a suit to protect its investments in September, Samsung also claimed this latest salvo was in an effort to defend its own patents.

This is not new territory for Samsung, as earlier this year the manufacturer lost its high-profile patent battle with Apple to the tune of $1 billion (UK £629 million, AUD$960 million).

Both Samsung and LG announced 55-inch OLED televisions at CES 2012, though neither company has released its display as of yet.

With both companies positioned atop the OLED race, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that Samsung and LG would resort to these tactics in an effort to gain an edge.

TechRadar asked Samsung and LG for comment, and will update this story if and when information is received.

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