Worried about security? This could be the best cloud storage deal right now for you

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NordLocker 500GB cloud storage - $38.28/year

NordLocker 500GB cloud storage - $38.28/year
(roughly £30/AU$55)
NordLocker is a free file encryption tool that comes with 3GB of storage, but you can increase that capacity to 500GB for just a small fee. Given it comes from the same company as NordVPN and NordPass, you can be sure it will keep your files highly secure.

Top encryption service NordLocker has cut the price of its 500GB Nord Premium package by a whopping 60%. The service is now available for a mere $38.28/year (about £30/AU$55), and is on offer as part an end-of-year sale, which lasts until the end of November. 

Technically, NordLocker is first and foremost a file locker, but 500GB of cloud storage is more than welcome - especially with the rise of ransomware attacks.

The world’s first end-to-end encryption tool, as it is billed by NordSec, is part of a wider product suite that includes NordVPN - one of the best VPN services on the market - and password manager NordPass.

Bear in mind, after your year-long subscription has come to an end, the price will go back to the usual $47.88 per year.

NordLocker has also confirmed that it will soon offer a 2TB package and should therefore be able to accommodate the needs of customers looking for far bigger capacity (in tranches of 2TB).

A spokesperson for the company told TechRadar Pro that “if someone asks for more storage, we offer them a code which when applied at checkout gives 2TB for $119.88/yr ($19.99/mo).”

Unlike most other cloud storage companies, NordLocker secures files locally before they get uploaded, acting as an encrypted vault. Indeed, you could argue it is really an encryption tool that offers 3GB of free cloud storage.

When we reviewed NordLocker back in September, we found out that it “works really well and really quickly for encrypting files on a local disk, and the software is nicely designed, but it doesn't do much more than that – that simplicity might be a positive or a negative for you, depending on your requirements.”

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