Great fitness tracker deal: get the Polar Ignite for just £145

Polar Ignite
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Right now, you can pick up the Polar Ignite fitness tracker for just £144.99 in the Amazon Spring Sale. That's a saving of £54.51 off the regular asking price, and the best deal around right now.

The Polar Ignite is a feature-packed GPS running watch, and when we reviewed it we were particularly impressed by its set of recovery features. These ensure you're getting enough rest in between runs to optimize your training, so you can really improve your performance.

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Polar Ignite:£199.50£144.99 at Amazon

Polar Ignite: £199.50 £144.99 at Amazon
The Ignite is a feature-packed GPS sports watch, and it's a great deal with £54 off in the Amazon Spring Sale. It's a solid choice for anyone aiming to improve their times, offering adaptive training recommendations and guidance to ensure you're getting the right balance of work and rest.

The Ignite is much more than a simple GPS watch that measures time and pace – it's a genuinely useful training tool. 

If you're stuck in a rut and your times have plateaued (understandable when club sessions aren't possible), it can help keep you on track with training plan suggestions that adapt to suit your fitness and goals. It doesn't offer quite the same recovery features as the top-end Polar Vantage V2, but it's one of the best value sports watches around, and gives you a lot of tools for your money.

The deals in this year's Amazon Spring Sale are a mixed bag, but this is easily one of the most impressive we've seen, and not one to miss.

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