Google Pixel 5a details revealed in new FCC filing

Google Pixel 4a 5G
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More Google Pixel 5a details have been revealed via purported FCC filings, which mention three models and a few features we weren’t sure would make it to Google’s affordable phone.

The Pixel 5a features?  Sub-6GHz 5G, NFC, Bluetooth LE, and a 3.5mm headphone jack, according to Droid Life. Sadly, there’s nothing too exciting to glean from the filings, but some of these features (notably 5G) weren’t available in the standard Pixel 4a – so perhaps Google is committing to only releasing one model of its lauded mid-range phone, instead of both a 5G and a cheaper LTE-only version.

The supposed FCC filings cover a trio of model numbers, two of which (G4S1M and GR0M2) have been seen before in a May report by Droid Life – but this is the first we’re seeing them mentioned by the FCC. The other one, G1F8F, is new. 

G1F8F may be nearly identical, hardware-wise, to the others, according to a screenshot of the flings tweeted by @Cstark_27. The phone models seem to be identical side from some networking differences, like disabled CDMA and some enabled LTE bands:

The new A4RG1F8F number does indeed show up in the FCC application database with around 60 entries, all submitted on April 26, though don’t expect to unearth more interesting information than what’s already been found.

Google Pixel 5a, coming next month?

We’re already well past Google IO 2021, which was the time of year the original Google Pixel 3a had launched. Last year’s Google Pixel 4a was revealed in August 2020 after delays, and we’re expecting the Pixel 5a to follow its lead with an August 2021 release – especially after multiple rumors supporting it. 

We’ve heard enough about the phone to at least get an idea of what the Pixel 5a will feature: it could pack a Snapdragon 780G chipset (successor to the Google Pixel 4a 5G’s Snapdragon 765 silicon), though it may also use the same chipset as its predecessor instead. As for its design, we’re not expecting it to deviate much from the Pixel 4a’s look and feel, according to early leaks and renders

With less than a month until the supposed Pixel 5a launch date, we hope to see and hear more about Google’s next mid-range phone soon.

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