Google Pixel 2 may have a very unusual camera

We haven’t seen any leaked images of the Google Pixel 2 yet, but we do have a good idea what it will look like thanks to a leaked phone case design.

Several images simply labelled ‘protective cases for Google Pixel 2’ have been shared by Slashleaks, showing an oddly shaped camera cut-out.

It’s not clear why the camera would be such an uneven shape, but we have previously heard that it’s going to be improved in some way from the already impressive 12.3MP snapper on the original Google Pixel.

The images also show what appears to be a cut-out for a headphone port, which is nice to see since it’s been rumored that Google would ditch the 3.5mm port for the Pixel 2.

You can also see a circle for a fingerprint scanner on the back, just like its predecessor, while an insert shows a screen with tiny bezels to either side and larger ones at the top and bottom. This again is a lot like the original Pixel, but is likely a placeholder rather than the final design.

As well as a Pixel 2 case, Slashleaks has also got hold of images seemingly showing a case for the Pixel 2 XL, and the case here surprisingly looks different rather than just bigger.

Two very different phones

The main change is the camera cut-out, which is a less unusual shape here, and suggests that Google could be packing different cameras into the two phones. How they’ll differ isn’t clear though, perhaps one will be dual-lens?

The insert showing a picture of the phone also looks quite different, sporting an almost bezel-less design, reminiscent of the LG G6 or the Samsung Galaxy S8 (if its screen was flat). Again, this element could just be a placeholder though, especially as we’d be surprised if the two Pixel 2 models were that drastically different to one another.

Even the case part we’d take with a pinch of salt, but we should have a better idea of how accurate these designs are soon, as we’re sure to start seeing more images and leaks ahead of the Pixel 2’s launch, which is likely in October.

Via PhoneArena

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