Google Docs now offers autocorrect and predictive typing – give it a try

Google Docs
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Google Docs has received a major update that could tempt you to ditch your regular word processor for good. Autocorrect is now rolling out to all users, and Smart Compose is arriving for anyone with a G Suite subscription, helping you work faster by guessing what you're going to type next.

Both features are being introduced gradually, so don't worry if you can't see them yet; they should arrive in the next few weeks.

Smart Compose first appeared for Gmail in 2018, automatically suggesting the next few words of a sentence based on what you've already typed. It 'learns' from your writing habits, and the results can become uncannily accurate over time.

The suggested phrasing appears in gray, and you can either hit 'Tab' or right-click to accept it. Alternatively, you can simply continue typing to ignore it. You can also choose to deactivate Smart Compose if you don't find it useful (or it makes you question whether you're actually a robot).

Write here, write now

As 9to5Google notes, autocorrect made its debut in Gmail too. It works well, but if Google picks the wrong word, you can hover over it to reveal an 'Undo' button.

You'll find that autocorrect is enabled by default in Google Docs, but you can disable it by selecting 'Tools > Preferences' and unchecking the relevant box.

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