Google Assistant for iOS could be announced at Google IO 2017

Apple's Siri may have to make room for another digital assistant as it appears the Google Assistant could be coming to iOS soon.

Google is reportedly working on an iOS-compatible Google Assistant app, with the official announcement possibly coming at this week's Google IO 2017 developer's conference, according to Android Police.

The Google Assistant iOS app is expected to mirror its Android counterpart, using both text inputs (similar to the Google Assistant-powered Allo app) and voice commands. Today's report also claims the app will only be available in the US at launch.

While Android Police's sources are confident of the eventual release of Google Assistant on iOS, it's stated that an announcement during IO, while likely, isn't set in stone just yet.

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This wouldn't be the first time Google brought its wares to iOS. The aforementioned Google Allo hit iTunes on the same day as the Android version this past fall. 

Additionally, Google regularly updates apps like YouTube and Gmail for Apple's operating system — even if Android users typically get a lot of those updates ahead of time.

In the meantime, be sure to check back with us May 17-19, when Google's developer conference is underway. In addition to Google Assistant, we're crossing our fingers for a whole litany of potential announcements, including new developments for Android Wear, Google Home, and, of course, Android O.

Parker Wilhelm
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