Get free BeatsX headphones with iPhone XS and XR models – plus no upfront cost

beatsx free with iphone deals

Voxi - Vodafone's dedicated 'youth mobile brand - has just launched an offer that's really caught our attention. The latest iPhone XS, XS Max or XR with no upfront cost and interest free payments. And that's not all, while sticks last, you'll also get a free pair of Beats headphones worth nearly £110.

Voxi is letting you buy the latest iPhone via PayPal credit which means you can spread the cost of the phone over 30 months of payments. This comes with plan options like the £10 per month setup that gets you unlimited social media data, unlimited minutes and texts plus 6GB of data. The Voxi plans are contract free so you can change, pause or cancel whenever you like.

Head straight to Voxi to take advantage of this offer

The free BeatsX earphones are worth nearly £110 and give 'clear and authentic sound' and come with all the iPhone options. Not bothered about the headphones?There are plenty of other phones you could get on a similar deal including the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Huawei P20.

There is one huge 'but' though. Voxi only makes its offers open to people aged 29 and under. So you'll need to be a spring chicken to take advantage of this deal. If you're not in that age bracket, then we suggest that you head to our all-encompassing mobile phone deals page to get the best prices and offers this Christmas.

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